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Let me know about Blenio
inserito il: 2.9.2011 22:02
Hi Giulio,

here some basic information:

- houses on rent: have a look at the "mercatino"
( )

- shopping: we have small groceries, butchers, bakeries/confectioneries, local craft shops and our peasants sell the products they produce. See also

- leisure: see
Most activities are related with nature, mountains and sport, but we also have a cinema/theatre and some special events

- job opportunities: not many in our Valley... Are you learning Italian? If not, it could be difficult to find a job...

- church: Catholic

- transport: see our local bus company. Otherwise: car

Good luck,

inserito il: 31.8.2011 14:12
Hi, I hope you are all keeping fine.
In fact my family is planning to transfer to Blenio with a motive of employment. My wife has to start her work as a doctor here.
Let me know about the life of Blenio on the aspects of houses on rent, shopping, leassure, job opportunities in general, church practice, transport, social organisations, etc.
Looking forward to hear Blenioessies.
Wish you all the best.
Let me know about Blenio

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